When I came up with the idea of offering commission brand paintings into my business, I initially had visions of large canvases on office walls that looked amazing, had a huge impact, and visually reflected that businesses’ visual brand. Funny how life has a way of giving you a reality check.

I messaged Gwen and explained the situation. I’d decided to wait until the painting was touch dry, then put back the hidden colours by brush.

A couple of days later, I started adding the missing colours. It wasn’t ideal but it seemed to be working. Conscious that I didn’t want to overwork it, I decided to give it a few days and see how I felt then. I like to sit new paintings on my fireplace for a few days to see which way round they go. Some paintings are obvious, others take more time.

The pinks and purples were definitely there but something still wasn’t quite right. Gwen was over the moon with the photos I sent, but for me…

I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

The longer it sat on the shelf, the more it became apparent that the pinks and purples stood out more at different times of day. Because those colours were slightly iridescent, they seemed to pop and stand out where the light hit them. Sometimes they almost seemed to disappear again. Once again, I felt like we were back at square one.

I contemplated starting over.

As a friend, I was able to confide in Gwen that doing commission brand paintings are going to be a lot harder than I thought. She told me I was overthinking it and that the painting is amazing.

Was she being forgiving because of our friendship?

A stranger would be a lot more critical.

Then one evening as I sat watching a movie, my tunnel vision opened up. Gwen’s mission is to empower invisible warriors, well wasn’t that like the painting, the main colours invisible until they’re turned towards the light.


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