Where I Sign My Artwork

The act of signing artwork goes beyond completion of the work; it’s a mark of pride and authenticity. The final flourish.

There are no fixed rules as to if, or where you sign your work, although many artists choose the traditional route of the bottom right corner.

This has always been my preference until “Freedom.”    

One Call Changed Everything

Freedom was being displayed at an exhibition in Stanhope. One of the organisers Charlie, called to inform me that “Freedom” had sold but the buyer wanted me to sign the front. I was confused, I usually sign my paintings and couldn’t understand why I hadn’t this time. Then I remembered, I hadn’t signed it in my usual bottom right corner. The reason for this was I didn’t want to break up the white space. ‘I had signed this piece at the bottom right of the blue area.

When I went to collect my unsold paintings a few days later, Charlie spoke to me and said that I needed to put my signature where it would be more visible. I pondered that for quite a while, and the conclusion I came to was WHY? Why did I have to follow the rules? I decided instead to do a bit of a “Where’s Wally?”

So, if you ever come across one of my artworks, see if you can ‘spot the sign.’